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Ladies Workout Express offers the following Classes. Please view our Group Exercise Schedule to find the right class and time for you.

Antigravity Yoga
This amazing program is now running at Ladies Workout Express Castlereagh. This is the first and only location in Northern Ireland. Antigravity yoga utilizes a fabric hammock which enables you to stretch further and hold challenging positions longer. Inverting in the hammock decompresses the spine and after a class you can be a quarter of an inch taller! The program was devised by Christopher Harrison an athelete, gymnast and broadway dancer. It was launched in Crunch Fitness gym in New York in 2007 and a year later went nationwide. Now spreading to Europe and worldwide. Having been trained by Christopher himself, I am the only instructor in Northern Ireland qualified to teach Antigravity Yoga. Please call Sandra to book as places are limited. 02890 791778.
Pole Dancing Class
A class so enjoyable you wont even realise you're working out. Mondays 6pm & Fridays 6pm. Open to non-members! Call 02890 791778 to request further information or reserve your place.
Brand new class exclusive to Ladies Workout Express Castlereagh. Slim and strengthen your stomach. Burn calories and tone your entire body. A fun, fast and effective workout. Call 02890 791778 for class times and details.
A fun dance class. Fat burning cardio workout with amazing ab & hip toning moves. Zumba circuit Mondays 6.00pm and Wednesdays 6.15pm. Zumba in the studio Wednesdays 7.15pm & Saturdays 10am. All open to non-members. Please call 02890 791778 to reserve a space. £4 per class.

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Find a location, get exercise schedules with our FREE iPhone App.

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